Marquee Letters

Imagine at your marquee event having glistening marquee letters as a part of your decor. Marquee letters are popular for weddings, birthdays and any event that is celebratory. You can spell out your name or the name of a loved one in lights on your big day. It is especially nice for a surprise party when the unsuspecting person enters and views the marquee letters! Light Up Letters can easily be customized to any style and any color scheme making them ideal for whatever your theme or to blend in with whatever decor you want.

It’s all the extra things you add to your event that makes your event not only successful and enjoyable but also unforgettable!

Another reason for the Marquee letters is that they are great in the background in photos and of course you will be taking photographs on your special day.

What better way to spell out your name or your image than in lights. We provide a selection of metal and wood letters, numbers, symbols, and phrases with battery operated LED lights. We also have large metal wedding designs; Mr & Mrs and Love, which make a wonderful backdrop for your wedding or other party photographs.