Black Portable Dance Floor Rentals in New York

There’s no better design statement than pure black. Whether it’s in matte or shiny, our black dance floors are bold, elegant, and tasteful. Take your event to the next design level and try incorporating a fully black dance floor.


We Setup & Take Down Your Portable Dance Floor

No matter what color you end up getting, the professionals at Dance Floor Kings, a division of Tower Productions, will come to your event, set up your dance floor, tape the edges to the floor for a smooth transition, and attach any decal that you may have ordered. Your dance floor stays covered and clean while the rest of your event is being put together.

As your guests arrive, they will see a gorgeous, portable dance floor that looks brand new. At the end of the event, after everyone has danced the night away, we will come back and take it all down. You don’t have to lift a finger!

All dance floors come in 4′ x 4′ tiles. The size of your floor will have to work into some combination of those tiles. For example here are some sizes that your floor can be:

➣ 16′ x 16′

➣ 8′ x 20′

➣ 12′ x 12′

➣ 16′ x 20′

➣ 32′ x 40′

➣ Any combo of 4′ x 4′

Above are two Black Dance Floors, one is wrapped with a shiny gloss to give it a mirrored look. The other has a beautiful gold border decal.

Black Portable Dance Floors are Always in Style

Quite like the fully white portable dance floor, our black floors look great plain, or can be a canvas to add gobos, decals, and/or specialty lighting.

No matter what size portable dance floor your event has, it is a focal point in your event space. As a focal point, you want to make a statement that reflects the ambience of your decor. If you’re having a very stately affair, such as a wedding or a gala, your floor may have a monogram gobo when the lights go down, but otherwise sits perched as an invitation to dance or gaze across at other guests.

A party that is geared toward a bat / bar mitzvah, or a sweet sixteen, may have a big decal on it with a personal logo of the honoree. Usually playful, sports minded, or sparkly, the decor for a coming of age event certainly allows your portable dance floor to set the “stage.”


“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

We Cover Your Entire Event!

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➣ Corporate Events

➣ Club Events

➣ Bar / Bat Mitzvahs

➣ Sweet Sixteens

➣ Anniversaries

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