Portable Checkered Dance Floor Rentals


A Luxurious and rich, black and white dance floor will enhance any event

Your Black and White Dance Floor rental can be configured to almost any size and pattern. The Dance Floor Kings work around room obstacles such as columns, or even small areas such as a hallway to bring you the most impressive dance floor. Outdoor dance floors are also available.

In addition to Portable Black and White Dance Floor Rentals, we supply Event Production to the industry along the east coast of the US. We primarily work in the New York City area, including Long Island, and in Florida. The party isn’t complete until you have a dance floor rental from Dance Floor Kings.

Black and White Dance Floor Patterns:

➣ Checkered (most popular)

➣ Stripes (horizontal or vertical)

➣ Chevron (zigzag)

➣ Cocentric Rectangles

➣ Geometric Patterns

There is something very versatile about a Black and White Dance Floor rental. This kind of floor can be extremely classy, or fun and light depending on how you decorate and light the event. The large wedding photo below is stunning and exudes beauty and class. This is accomplished by the candle-glow look of the lighting, the elegant decor and the manner of dress that the invitations hinted. Yet a few photos over, and we have the makings of a fun and fabulous Bar Mitzvah with colored lights and an upbeat atmosphere.

To Sum Up Our Black and White Dance Floor Rentals:

➣ Portable

➣ Configured to any pattern

➣ Looks like new

➣ Sized in 4′ x 4′ tiles

As with all our other dance floor rentals, the tiles come in 4′ x 4′ squares. The size you need would have to fit into any configuration of that size, such as a 16′ x 16′ square dance floor, or a 8′ x 20′ long dance floor.

Last but not least is the quality of our floors. Through an exclusive process, our team makes each dance door look brand new. This is one area where our competitors can’t compete! The whites stay white, no yellowing, and the blacks stay deep and rich. You’ll want a dance floor that looks fresh from the manufacturer, like a dance floor from Dance Floor Kings, a division of Tower Productions.


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